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 *** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

Mar 09, 2017 18:16

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fast Pelham Bay Park - Parkchester Map

standard gauge electric Bombardier R62A Google; Bombardier R62A

Two rides; second one start at 9:42

Fan Railer YouTube: Fan Railer

What do the symbols mean?
close hi-res hi-res  steady camera steady camera  original driving sound original driving sound  no HD no HD  shaky camera shaky camera  no driving sound no driving sound
rain rain  snowing snowing  fog fog  winter landscape winter landscape  dusk dusk  night night  dawn dawn
all stops all stops  fast fast  high speed high speed  freight freight  empty empty  special special 
standard gauge standard gauge  narrow gauge narrow gauge  broad gauge broad gauge  other other  rack rack  electric electric  diesel diesel  steam steam  cable cable
local local transport (tram/metro/subway/underground/etc.) 

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