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 ** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

< Jul 2011 18:28

5:04Bytom Plac Sikorskiego - Stroszek Zajezdnia

5:11Part 2

5:25Part 3

2:48Part 4

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all stops Bytom Plac Sikorskiego - Stroszek Zajezdnia Map

standard gauge electric

sabol72 YouTube: sabol72


 * no HD no driving sound

< Jun 2010 51:00

9:09Katowice Plac Miarki - Stroszek Zajezdnia

9:29Part 2

8:35Part 3

8:21Part 4

7:43Part 5

7:43Part 6

Śląskie [PL] local 19 Google: Śląskie 19

all stops Katowice Plac Miarki - Stroszek Zajezdnia Map

standard gauge electric

esbek2 YouTube: esbek2


  no HD no driving sound

< Jul 2010 19:00

9:09Stroszek Zajezdnia - Bytom Plac Sikorskiego

9:51Part 2

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all stops Stroszek Zajezdnia - Bytom Plac Sikorskiego Map

standard gauge electric

esbek2 YouTube: esbek2

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all stops all stops  fast fast  high speed high speed  freight freight  empty empty  special special 
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