Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I find on this site? is a collection of links to cab ride videos found on YouTube.

All videos listed on this site:

* are made from the front end of a rail transport vehicle: train, tram, metropolitan railway (metro, subway, underground), light rail, funicular, suspended railway, etc.

* cover an entire stretch or a substantial part of a stretch

* are in real time (no time lapse videos)

Eventually, this site will contain a "complete" collection of videolinks that meet these criteria.

You can search the collection for cities, line names, rolling stock types, special wheather conditions, and more. Alternatively, you can search for videos on the map.

2. Can you make a video of ...?

Sorry, no. I don't make videos myself, this site just lists videos found on YouTube.

You should try and ask on a YouTube channel that already has related videos. But remember that it may be impossible for that author to honour your request, for various reasons.

3. Can I upload my cab ride video to your site?

Sorry, no. I don't host videos myself, this site just lists videos found on YouTube.

You should upload your video to YouTube, then eventually I will pick it up.

4. Can I submit a YouTube video to your site?

Sorry, no, not at this stage. If it is a new videos of an active channel that this site already lists other videos of, I'll usually pick it up within a few days.

In all other cases, you'll have to be patient. If you think that this collection really can't do without a certain video link, then you can send one mail (only just one, please) to Note that I'll give priority to videos of lines, regions and countries that aren't yet extensively covered in our collection.

5. Why are some results marked red?

These are sequences of videos, that are also contained in the collection individually. Such videos originate from the same trip, but the maker decided to split the one recording into several individual video uploads.

6. Why do some dates have a < in front of them?

It means that the date is the publication date of a video, rather than the recording date. That's also why there is a < symbol in front of them - the video must have been recorded before that date.

7. What do the stars mean?

Stars are an indication of the quality and popularity of a video:

One star for technical quality: HD resolution (720p+), steady camera, original sounds.

One star if the video has more views than average for videos of the same age.

One star if the video has more likes (thumbs up) than average.

Recently uploaded videos get a badge instead for two reasons: to make them stand out in the search results, and to allow them to get enough views and likes to earn stars.

8. When I search for a city, I get no results. Why is that?

You can only search for start and destination of a video, and sometimes for one or two places in between. If the name you are searching for doesn't yield any results, then try another city nearby, or one of the end points of the line you're looking for.

Also, this site uses the official spelling in the city's own language. So don't search for "Munich", "The Hague" or "Warsaw" -- try "M√ľnchen", "Den Haag" and "Warszawa" instead.

If a place has two official spellings of eqal importance, both are used in alphabetical order: "Brussel/Bruxelles", "Biel/Bienne".

For city names in non-Latin alphabets, this site uses the transcription as can be found on Google Maps.

If you don't know what to search for, you could try our browse pages, or search on the map.

9. How does searching on the map work?

Option 1: Zoom and pan the map, then click or drag to place the circle. General areas where videos can be found are highlighted in green. Click the circle for a search link.

The further you zoom in, the more narrowed down your search will be.

Option 2: Type in the search box to find a place that may or may not have videos, or a line name. Click a marker for a search link. Or click the "Search" button to search for all videos of that place or line.

Option 3: Click the "Places" button to show the most important places with videos. Zoom in and try again for more places.

10. The information about a video is wrong or incomplete!

I go to great lengths to ensure the information is accurate, but I too am human, so I might have missed something or made a mistake. If you spotted something, please double check that indeed this site is in error. For example, if this site says something different from the description on YouTube, then maybe it's because that description is inaccurate!

If you fond a genuine omission or mistake, please tell me by clicking the tiny Wrong? link that you'll find with each search result.

11. Tracks on the map are wrong or incomplete!

Track data is provided by the OpenRailwayMap project. If you have any corrections or additions to the track data, you should consider becoming a contributer to the OpenRailwayMap project.

More information can be found on the OpenrailwayMap Wiki page.

12. Why does this site have ads?

I don't just copy-and-paste information from YouTube; instead I try to figure out all details of a video even when the video description is inaccurate or incomplete. Sometimes this involves trying to get information from titles inside the video, wading through comments in a foreign language, or even comparing video images with Google Maps or Streetview to find out actual locations.

You'll understand that this can take a lot of time -- time I can't earn money in another way. But still I need to eat, pay my rent and feed my cat like anyone else. That's why this site need ads.

If you are visiting this site with an ad blocker enabled, please consider making a small one-time donation (like $10 or 10 Euros) to keep this site alive and updated. Contact me for more information.

13. Can I help improving this site?

Currently there is one more way you can contribute to this site:

You can translate parts of this site into your own language.

Contact me if you'd like to contribute.

14. My question is not listed here.

If you have another question or comment, please contact me at I'll try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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