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 * hi-res shaky camera no driving sound

Oct 19, 2014 26:11

Zürich [CH] local S7 Google: Zürich S7

all stops Winterthur - HB Map

standard gauge electric

Oli Ramses YouTube: Oli Ramses


 ** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

Apr 16, 2017 31:26

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empty Alkmaar - Haarlem [NL] Map

standard gauge electric NS SGMm Google; NS SGMm

With speedometer

Eposis Brax YouTube: Eposis Brax


 *** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

Sep 2013 31:20


Tulln - Krems a.d. Donau [AT] Map

standard gauge electric ÖBB 1144 Google; ÖBB 1144

fuehrerstand YouTube: fuehrerstand


 * hi-res steady camera no driving sound

Jun 30, 2014 1:10:08


freight Winterthur Grüze - St. Margrethen [CH] Map

standard gauge electric

Oli Ramses YouTube: Oli Ramses


 *** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

< Apr 2014 1:23:42

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freight Kassel Wilhelmshöhe - Fulda [DE] Map

Part of Northeim (Han) - Treuchtlingen (6:00:59)

standard gauge electric BR 189 Google; BR 189

Reptifreak09 YouTube: Reptifreak09


 ** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

< Mar 2011 18:52


freight Nogent-le-Rotrou - Bretoncelles [FR] Map

standard gauge electric

Fretteux78 YouTube: Fretteux78


 * hi-res shaky camera original driving sound

< Feb 2016 56:04

Similar videos (3) 3Karlsruhe [DE] local 5 Google: Karlsruhe 5

all stops Rintheim - Rheinhafen - Rintheim Map

standard gauge electric

Wolfgang b YouTube: Wolfgang b


 ** hi-res steady camera original driving sound

Aug 2013 1:13:03

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empty Paderborn Hbf - Dortmund Obereving [DE] Map

Part of Bitterfeld - Dortmund Obereving (5:56:54)

standard gauge diesel BR 643 Google; BR 643

schaumalhin1 YouTube: schaumalhin1

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Yvon Rozijn

Hi, I'm Yvon Rozijn, and is a collection of links to cab ride videos from rail vehicles, selected by me on YouTube. Rail vehicles that you can find here include: train, tram (streetcar), subway (underground, metro, U-Bahn), S-Bahn, light rail, funicular and suspension railway.

All videos listed on this site are made from the driver's cabin, so you'll see exactly what the train or tram driver sees. Also, all of them are in real time, and many videos have original driving sounds, so you'll have the full driver's experience from your own home.

Explore this site and make a ride in the driver's cabin of an electric train unit, a diesel locomotive, a steam engine, or a tram car finding its way through modern city traffic. Enjoy the landscape slowly passing by as seen from a mountain railway in the Alps, or at 240 kmh (150 mph) or even faster from a modern high speed train.

You can search the collection for a specific place, a railway line, a certain class of rolling stock, or things like rain, snow or rides at night. Of each video listed here, you can check the route on the map, and of course you can also search on the map. If you don't know what to search for, you can browse for countries, places, lines, or rolling stock.

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